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Mission Statement

Goju Ryu teaches us to; condition the body, cultivate the mind, & nurture the spirit.

Goju Ryu Karate Do Wellington is a small dojo (place of training) committed to teaching traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate to anyone who wants to learn. 


We welcome all ages and abilities and encourage anyone to give it a try.  We also believe in cross-training with other disciplines, such as ground fighting (ju jitsu), to develop all-round skills applicable for effective self defense.

We are affiliated to Goju Ryu Karate Do NZ, with its chief instructor Kyoshi Terry Hill (8th Dan) and  Chairman, Renshi Ken Roberts (8th Dan), seen here with Mike Dombroski (3rd Dan), the Wellington instructor. 


The organisation is progressive, inclusive and regularly holds training camps for all instructors and students run by high ranking and senior karate exponents to maintain the highest standards and to ensure that instructors develop and progress.



What would you expect to get out of training? We now live in a relatively peaceful time and the hand-to-hand combat that our forefathers may have endured is now less than we would expect to see.


With the prevalent use of the fire arm, having to spend large hours training soldiers to be proficient in the use of hand held weapons has become a thing of the past.


So, you may ask: what is a martial art today? Anything you want it to be. We promote a practical, open minded approach to the martial arts and practice to better ourselves. To keep a martial art current, it must have purpose and to have a purpose you must have something meaningful in your mind. Without meaning and purpose you do not have a martial art.


Thanks to our founder, Chojun Miyagi, pictured to the left, and those who followed in his martial ways, our style and the philosophy; to build the mind, body, and spirit to forge a better self; is what we have today and hope to have tomorrow.

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