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Sensei Mike Dombroski

Owner and Chief Instructor

Mike started his martial arts training 30 years ago with Sensei Roberts, and has participated in other martial arts and boxing over the years, but always found himself returning to his original Sensei and Goju Ryu.  He trains as often as possible with senior instructors from around the country to develop his own karate.  The Wellington dojo is not motivated by making money, but by being able to pass on the treasure of traditional karate and start people on their journey in the martial arts.

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Sensei Gerard Dolan

Senior Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Gerard has been training in the martial arts for over 35 years, starting in his university days with Seido Karate.  Gerard later switched to Goju Ryu with Sensei Terry Hill, our current chief instructor, in Hamilton and a few years later moved to New Plymouth in the 90’s and trained with Sensei Ken Roberts.  After recently moving to Australia for a few years, where he continued his training, Gerard returned to New Zealand and came to our dojo. 

When Sensei Derek English returned from Okinawa in the early 2000’s, he introduced Kobudo (Oklinawan weapons) to our organisation and Gerard took up the challenge of learning this martial art, which compliments goju ryu.  He is currently a 2nd dan black belt in Kobudo with the Shimbukan and is Kenshinkai’s kobudo instructor.

Gerard’s karate journey has seen him compete in various forms of competition in his earlier years of karate and more recently travel to Okinawa with Sensei Derek English to further his study of Karate and Kobudo.  We are pleased to have Gerard and his wealth of knowledge and experience come and join the team as our senior sensei.


Senpai Mazlinah Blocksidge

In 2020 Mazlinah became one of Goju Ryu Karate Do Wellington dojo’s instructors after successfully grading for her first dan black belt. 


She began learning karate in 2013 in Auckland. Initially she trained with the Young Muslim Women’s Association, then joined Auckland University Goju Ryu Karate Club. In 2017 Mazlinah moved to the capital, Wellington, joining this club. 


She can trace her karate lineage back to Okinawa where the sport began: her teacher is the Wellington club’s founder Mike Dombroski; Mike's teacher, who has assisted in grading Mazlinah and with whom she has trained, is Ken Roberts, an 8th dan black belt, together with Terry Hill (with whom Mazlinah has also trained) the highest-ranked Goju Ryu exponent in New Zealand. 


In June 2020, Mazlinah was privileged to be listed on a global ‘Muslim Women in Sports Powerlist 2020’ ( under the ‘Ones to Watch’ section.


Mazlinah also practises another martial art, Ryukyu Kobudo (weapons training).

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Senpai Christian Yee

Originally from the Fiji Islands, Chris's Karate journey began when he was 13 years old at a dojo in Nadi; a Goju-Ryu club with a emphasis in sport Karate.


He committed 3 years training there before moving abroad to study where he took a break from Martial Arts until moving to Hamilton in 2012 where he was lucky enough to recommence training at another Goju-Ryu club under the instruction of Sensei Guss Wilkinson whos own Karate lineage could be traced back to Chojun Miyagi.


After many years of training, Chris attained his 1st Dan Black Belt before once again heading off abroad, this time for career aspirations.


Now back in New Zealand, Chris considers himself fortunat ]e to have found Sensei Mike Dombroski to resume his Martial Art journey. 

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Senpai Tony Laidler

Tony has been a martial artist most of his life.  He has trained in Muay Thai (Thailand kick boxing), Western Boxing, Kyokushin Karate and Aikido (black belt) and has competed in full contact tournaments.


Three years ago he started his journey with Kenshinkai and Goju Ryu Karate, a move he has not regretted. In 2022 he achieved his 1st dan black belt in Goju Ryu from Goju Ryu Karate Do NZ.

Tony is an integral part of our external communications and the promotion of our dojo.  With his wealth of experience and broad knowledge of the martial arts, he is an asset to our instructor team.

Tony is the lead instructor for the junior and beginner programme.

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Senpai Joel Potgieter

Joel started his karate training in 1988 in South Africa.  The style was Goju Kai, a Japanese branch of the Goju Ryu tree.  He competed and succeeded in various competitions and obtained his black belt in 1994.  He also trained in the Korean art of Taekwon Do during this time.

Joel moved to Dunedin in 1998 and trained in Goju Ryu, followed by periods of training in long fist kung fu, Aikido and Go Kan Ryu Karate while living in Auckland.  In 2009 he joined Sensei Ken Roberts’ dojo in New Plymouth and after moving to Wellington in 2010 trained further in a local Goju Ryu dojo.

After a break of 12 years, Joel is back training in Goju Ryu with Kenshinkai. 


He brings his broad international martial arts experience with him and will assist instructing our students.

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